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Professional Indemnity Insurance Policies in Bahamas

Secure Your Practice With IMB's Professional Insurance Policies

Professional Indemnity Insurance
Professional Indemnity Insurance Bahamas Do you or your company provide a professional service that involves giving advice, providing design or provision of services? If so then in all likelihood you require this form of insurance. As a professional, if you cause someone to suffer loss due to an error or negligent act a claim for civil compensation may well result. Even if such a claim is without merit, legal defense costs may be devastating to your business. This is where this type of insurance offers valuable protection. Whether you are an Architect, Accountant, Lawyer, Property Appraiser, Engineer or other profession please call us today for a quotation.

Medical Malpractice
Medical Malpractice Insurance This is similar to Professional Indemnity Insurance above, but is designed to cover the professional services of the medical profession whether as a surgeon, in general practice, a chiropodist or as any other medical professional. To learn how Insurance Management can get you started with Medical Malpractice Insurance, contact us of fill out the proposal form on the right.

Errors & Omissions
Professional Errors & Omissions Insurance Bahamas
If you are a Real Estate Broker, Notary Public, Information Technology professional or offer any type of professional service, then Errors & Omissions Insurance can be a vital part of your business. This insurance protects you from mistakes and or oversights that can lead to financial harm for others. You should consider this insurance if you:
  • Provide a professional service - legal, accounting IT, etc.
  • Provide professional advice as a part of your services
  • Are required to have E&O insurance by your clients
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